Hi everybody!

I arrived at Brisbane in Austrailia yesterday from Wellington NZ.
I had very good time to look around the OSH system in NZ for
last 4 days. There are big differences in the culture and industrial
sturcture between NZ and Korea. Consequently, (maybe nayturally)
the OSH system in NZ is quite different from that in Korea.

They do not have the Manslaghter Law in NZ. They have reviewed
it and they concluded that it did not fit to their legal system.

In Austrailia, only the Starte of Queensland adapted the Manslaghter
Law. I will figure out more what’s going on here tomorrow at the
OHS regulation conference.

It is in the middle of winter though it is not so cold, rather it is cool.
However I feel lonesome in the beautiful beach… have you heard
the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise). It is world wide famous resort
area. However, just by myself, no fun at all.

I will be back to Seoul on 7/23, but soon, I have to fly to London
(7/30). Good bye now.