Solidarity for worker’s health is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to realize and improve health and safety rights of all workers and to create healthier workplace and society.

Solidarity for Worker’s Health (SWH) is a NGO that advocates for workers’ health and safety and the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases. It was founded in 2001 through collaboration between labor activists, healthcare professionals, and law professionals. It has made efforts to protect health and safety of marginalized workers including precarious, women, and migrant workers, and has raised reform agenda on appropriate compensation for workers and labor regulations.

Our activity focuses on

  • advocating health and safety right of contingent workers and other marginalized workers, such as, women, migrant, dispatched, young, disabled workers and workers in small enterprises;
  • reforming the workers compensation system and promoting rehabilitation of injured workers
  • monitoring the administrative bodies in the area of workers

health and safety

conducting research to scientifically identify and evaluate occupational and environmental health and safety issues and to develop alternatives for improvement.

We can be reached at

Telephone: +82-2-469-3976~8